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Sahyadri Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd, is a Co-operative Sugar Factory, it has been registered under section 9 (1) of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960. It's Registration No.is SAT/PRG(A)/ 2 dated 26th August, 1969. The factory is located adjacent to Shirawade Railway Station on 'South Central Railway', National Highway No.4 is within a distance of 2 Kms. From the site of Factory. The factory is near Karad Town a progressive Taluka Place in Satara District of Maharashtra. 

Factory's Area of Operation
The area of operation of this factory comprises of following of which the main cane growing villages are within a radius of 15 Kms. from the factory. The major rivers viz. Krishna, Koyana within their tributaries flow through the length and breadth of victory's area of operation.

District Tahsil No. Of Villages
Satara Karad 64
Satara Satara 16
Satara Koregaon 16
Satara Khatav 36
Sangli Khanapur 32



The Plant
The Govt. of India issued to this sugar factory, Industrial License No. L/25/N-243/70-LC dated 6th August 1970, to erect a plant of 1250 TCD (extendable up to 2000 TCD) for the manufacture of cane sugar. The plant was erected and was commissioned in the year 1974.

Due to irrigation facilities and activities led o considerably enhance the area under sugarcane cultivation in our area of operation. At the 1st crushing season i.e. 1974-75 under sugarcane cultivation in our area of operation was 4534.26 hectors whereas it has increased about 18500 hectors as at present.

This situation of surplus sugarcane complelled us to undertake immediate expansion of initial project of 1250 TCD. Hence application for permission of first expansion from 1250 TCD to 2200 TCD was submitted to Govt. of India on 6th September 1976. This first expansion was completed and project started with expanded capacity of 2200 TCD in 1982. The machinery achieved good results. Still we faced the problem of excess sugarcane and disposal. Hence we had to undertake further expansion from 2200 TCD to 5000 TCD and complete the same. The plant with expansion capacity of 5000 TCD is functioning well from 1994-1995 crushing season.

While finalizing the plant and machinery for 2200 to 5000 TCD expansion the Management of the factory took maximum care because of which the efforts were made to add modern Technology i.e. Walker's Mill, Continuous Pan, Bin Systems Etc; and; scope for the further expansion of the plant.

After the completion of 5000 TCD expansion after 1995 onwards we required to crush for every season more than 10.50 lakhs tones of cane. We even required continuing up to June. This adversely affect the recovery of cane. In order to crush available cane within the area of operation in time (before 30th April) and in order to get the benefit of sugar recovery; The management decided to expand sugar plant from 5000 TCD to 7500 TCD.

As started earlier, there was a additional scope of cane crushing in milling, power and boiler section, hence during the expansion from 5000 TCD to 7500 TCD, additions and alterations in the plant and machinery were completed during last off season in Boiling House.

The expanded Plant for 7500 TCD were commissioned on the 15th November, 2000. The plant is running very smoothly.