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Sugarcane is the main raw material of Sugar Factory. Even before the establishment of this factory, the main methods for preparing jiggery out of it. For the first crushing season 1974-75 of this factory there was adequate quantity of cane in this area, with the coming into existence of this factory, the farmers have started Sugarcane cultivation on large scale as a result of which the acreage under Sugarcane cultivation started rapidly increasing.

There is increase in area under cane and cane yield also recovery too. We have organized a separate Cane Development cell headed by a qualified and experienced officer; from 1997-1998 we have undertaken the early Sugarcane Seed Multiplication Programme on large scale, which have shown us increase in Sugarcane tonnage & recovery.

So in future to keep recovery in increasing trend. We always take Cane Development activities in our area operation as below.

1. Seed Supply

  1. Three tire system of seed production : By adopting of three tire seed nursery programme, disease and pest free seed planted on Karkhana seed farm as well as on selected farmers farm.

  2. Certified Seed Distribution : From the seed grown at Karkhana and farmers farm certified seed made available to the farmers for taking seed plots and CO-86032 supplied to the farmers under crush seed development proggarme.

  3. Crash Planting Proggramme : For getting seed multiplication of high sugar content and high yielding varieties of cane, high recovery from the high sugar varieties as like COC 671, CO 860302 and CO 8014 the factory has adopted crash planting proggramme (Seed Multiplication). The require cane for crushing from the starting of factory and it percentage to the total is decided and according to that the planting proggramme of early maturing and high sugarcane varieties is taken as follows:

Details 1998-1999 1999-2000
  Total Seed (Three Budded Set) 33102700 44948000
  Area. (Hect.) 1800 2180
  Amount spent on seed, fertilizer &
245 Lacs. 271 Lacs.
  Farmers Benefits by scheme 5330 6720

2. Soil Sampling
For the proper recommendation of fertilizers, we collect the soil sample at our Gat office and same will be tested by R.C.F. Mobils lab as well as Government. soil testing Lab at Satara and for micronutrienttest from V'S'I' Pune, Approximately 400 soil samples tested per year in out factory area.

3. Green Manuring
Since from last two years, we have supply 'sample' seed as green nature to farmers on 100% subsidy.

4. Provision of Basel Does & Micro Nutrients
From the year 1997-98, we have taken crash -proggarmme of supplying early maturing cane varieties Viz. COC-671 and CO-86032 on large scale, in this, for Adsali CO-86032 and for pre-seasonal COC-671 variety seeds supplied to the farmers on credit basis and fertilizer does (Basel does) of 1 bag Urea, 4 bags S.P.P. 7, 1 bag MOP and 10 Kgs. Of micro Nutrient given to farmers for above variatel plantation on 100 % subsidy. Factory kept approximately 50 Lakhs. Amont per year for above crash programme.

5. Compost Project
We prepare Compost at Factory Site from Press mud & Spent Wash at 2:1 Ratio by using Bactrin Cultures as supplied to the farmers at subsidarised rate of 100 Rs/M.T. per year approximately 42000/- M.T. distributed from Karakhana Site to the farmers.

6. Forestry
We prepare seeding of Teek, Nilgiri, Neem, Etc. on Factory Site Nursery and supplied to the farmers on the subsidy rate. Also we have plantation of the same on the Factory Hill Site Area on 25 Acres.

7. Kisan Melava & Meeting
On the occasion birth anniversary of late. Shri Yashvantraoji Chavan on 12th March, the big Kisan Melava conducted at Factory Site the information of Technical Sugar Cane Production as well as exhibition of various Agricultural produce products available at site. Farmer meeting at various villages conducted before starting planting season.

8. Dnyanyog & Trasining Programme
Progressive and selected farmers are send to V.S.L., Pune & Central Sugarcane Research Station, Padegaon for Training & taking advance techniques in Sugarcane production.

9. Other Activities
For getting the advanced information to the farmer, we are supplying the 'Shetkari Masik' to the members at 100% Subsidy and also for the dairy development as side-business to farmers. We also providing Artificial Insemination 'Service to the Cows and Buffalows' in Co-operation with BAIF Urilicanchan at our various centers.

10. Our factory has installed a Computer System for gross weightment of Cane and payment of Cane price. Planting as Harvesting Programme given by V.S.I., Pune is prepared & run through Computer System which given us more accuracy to implementing the harvesting Programme.