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Pursuant to the policy of Maharashtra Govt. In regard to establishment & development of Agro-based industrial units in the State Then chief Minister Late Honorable Yashavantravji Chavan had appealed to the social workers and leaders in the state to take initiatives and the make vigorous efforts in that direction in this matter. In response to the said appeal the social workers of Karad Taluka, as back in 1964, gathered together held detailed discussion with farmers particularly sugar growers, and reached the discussion to submit to the Govt. of India a proposal for permission to establish a Cooperative Sugar Factory. At the same time they observed that the northern part of Karad Taluka, the former Assembly Constituency of Late Yashavantraoji Chavan, is quite suitable place for establishment of a corporate sugar factory as there was adequate quantity of sugarcane cop. Accordingly a corporative society by name Sahyadri Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.; came to be registered under the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960 at Sr. No. SAT/PRG (A) 2 dates 26-8-1969.

As per provision in the Act the first General Meeting of society was held in October 1969 and in that meeting the first provisional Board by show of hands, was elected under the Chairmanship of Shri. P.D.Patil who continues to be the chairman of Sahyadri Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. The duration of the provisional Board was for three years.

Thereafter the site selection Committee appointed by the Govt. of India visited various sites in the northern part of Karad Taluka and selected Shahapur Mal as proper site in all respects for establishment of a cooperative sugar factory there.

The work of acquisition of adequate land for the purpose was started and we are proud to state that as many as 350 acres of land could be acquired only through private negotiations without resorting to any legal proceedings. The vendor of the land never expressed his grudge for the price of land he was paid. The transaction of sale and purchase of land was held voluntarily. 

After acquisition of adequate land and after having completed all other formalities a foundation stone was laid on Shahapur Mal on 8-4-1970 at the auspicious hands of Late Vasantraoji Naik the Chief Minister of Maharashtra State and in the presence of Late Yashvantraoji Chavan Finance Minister of India.

The architects and civil contractors were also simultaneously appointed. However while finalizing the plan of main factory building, one remarkable change was brought about which requires to be taken a notice of Instead of following the conventional method of constructing main factory with a view to accommodate machinery projecting a parallel mirror image, a building plan was so rearranged as to accommodate a machinery up to capacity of 5000 T.C.D. without any further additions to existing building. This rearrangement of building plan is popularly kwon as "Sahyadri Pattern", which is worth appreciating and following. A number of new sugar factories are coming up with this Pattern. In this respect our Honorable Chairman Shri P.D.Patil does deserve to be congratulated for his foresight ness in rearranging the building plan as above.