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The factory has a distillery unit, which has already been put to commercial production of alcohol in the year 1987-88. The construction of distillery building is very attractive and the unit is based on the most modern technique. It is a bio-stil distillery, a fully continuous fermentation system as compared to other techniques. Sahyadri Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. has brought this type of technology in India first time in year the 1987. The technologies with know how and engineering is from AB-Sweden.

The major benefits of the System are high yield of alcohol i.e.280 Liters per tones of molasses, considerable reduction in effluent quality i.e. 5 to 6 liters per liters of alcohol as compared to other distilleries producing 15 to 18 liters effluent per liter of alcohol. The effluent has 25% solids hence it is easily treated and degraded by aerobic composting. The process involves most modern equipment i.e. Reboiler which is working very satisfactorily. We produce rectified spirit of potable grade, rich in quality. We are conferred Best Efficiency Award in the year 1994-95 on National Level for best utilization of molasses i.e. efficiency Award. A number of foreign delegations had been visited our distillery for performance studies.