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Export Quality Extra Neutral Alcohol Plant

The factory has installed E.N.A. Plant in the year 1996-97 having its production capacity 20,000 liters per day. The project cost of the plant is Rs 169/- lakhs and the project cost is met by the finance of I.C.I.C.I.'s bills rediscounting scheme. Now the plant is running with full capacity. The performance results since last five years are given for information.

The special feature of the plant is, it is made of de-oxidized copper with five-column system, due to which export quality E.N.A. is produced. We have achieved Vodka grade standards for our E.N.A. And picked up local market. With our best efforts in quality parameters in the season 2000-2001. We have achieved international quality standards and we have started exporting E.N.A. to London (U.K.) first time in India and gained remarkable credit in the domestic as well as international market.

Mr. Ben Atkinson from ED and F Man Alcohols. London had visited our distillery during the start up of E.A.P. season for ascertaining quality of E.N.A. and drawn samples at various stations analyzed by him at export oriented laboratory M s SGS (India) Ltd. Mumbai and TTS Mumbai and finalized the contract for supply of 20 lakh liters E.N.A. This will help the karkhana for long term output of E.N.A.

Till today Karkhana has exported 3.5 Lacs Liters E.N.A. and lifting is continued.